Who knows what goes on over on the west side, but Perth is pushing out some visionaries. Sean Hendry, Clint Gatter, Tristan Sturner, Jase Shaw and Luke Ramljak are Sparrow: an industrial rock/metal band that’s on the rise. Their EP Digital People is out 6th of April and it’s a listen that’ll have you on edge, in a good way.

First thing’s first: the vocals are a standout. The whispers, screams, distortion and clean singing really create an atmosphere that you can drown in—it’s quite cleverly put together. Vocalist Sean Hendry says, “…we’ve been exploring our darker influences and playing with some really industrial, dirty tones. The new record is us—bare bones, exposed and ugly.”

Delving into the tracks: ‘World Wide Divide’ is the opener and it’s damn satisfying. Driven melodies and riffs that keep you a little off balance are countered by very melodic vocals and harsh screams. Sparrow show that they’re more than capable of putting together a banger that would go down very well live.

‘Hate Eater’ and ‘Wolf In Sheepskin’ really play with beat—there’s some groove in there, with thundering hooks and hoarse screams. Just FYI: these are songs that you will low-key fall in love with. ‘Red’ feels like the most metal song on the EP, the vocals really lend a Marilyn Manson feel, and the title track ‘Digital People’ is an industrial show stopper with a chorus that could be locked on repeat for days.

Sparrow’s EP is dark, creative and genuine. It’s edgy enough to stand out yet with enough familiarity that they sound like they’ve been around forever.

Rating: 8.5/10

Digital People is due for release on Friday, 6th April.

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