Canadian hardcore punk band Comeback Kid is coming to Australia with Silverstein in May for an epic tour across the country. Comeback Kid released their latest record Outsider in September of last year and they’ve been on the up ever since. The band has had a few different faces over the years but the current lineup features original members Andrew Neufeld (vocals) and Jeremy Hiebert (guitar), along with newcomers Stu Ross (guitar), Ron Friesen (bass) and Loren Legare (drums).

TEO caught up with vocalist, Andrew Neufeld to chat about his love of music, touring and working with Devin Townsend.

TEO: Your latest album Outsider came out last year, and there are some really hard hitting songs on there. What was the band’s mindset going into the studio?
We thought we hit a good stride with our album Die Knowing where we started working with Kyle Black (producer/mixer). And we really loved how that came out; it was a harder, more metallic version of Comeback Kid. And with the new record we wanted to have really meaningful themes in our songs, so we produced the record ourselves and had Kyle Black mix it again. Overall, sonically there’s a lot of really cool shit going on, but there’s still a lot of melody in there as well.

Since album one, what has been an important lesson learned through the years?
I’ve grown up in this band, and being in a band and keeping the longevity of that is to have respect for the people around you and have respect for the people you are in contact with. Always show appreciation; a lot of people have helped us out over the years and we won’t forget that. And I think when you treat people with respect it goes a long way.

Your track ‘Absolute’ features Devin Townsend, what a legend! How did he end up getting involved?
I’ve worked with him before actually—he produced a record a few years back for another band I was in. So when we were doing the song ‘Absolute’ I thought about doing a vocal part with the Devin Townsend style scream and our guitar player Jeremey was just like, ‘well, why don’t we just ask Devin to guest on it?’ So I sent him the song, he liked it and he recorded his part and yeah!

That’s awesome, is there anyone else you’d like to work with in the future?
Oh, there’s a lot of people I’d like to work with! Maybe not with Comeback Kid but personally, there’s a producer named Rich Costey who I think is incredible.

You’ve been going at it since 2000, do you still like to get out and see live bands as much as you did when you were just starting out?
100%, I love seeing live bands. Whether I still go out and see them as much as I did when I was 18 years old, I don’t know. But I live in Toronto so there’s stuff going on all the time. When we’re playing at festivals, I’m definitely the one in the band who, when everyone’s tired, is running to the Monster stage at 5.30pm to check out a band that I kinda know. I never want to be that person who’s out of touch. I’m sure I am in a lot of ways, but I like to know what’s going on.

Which band would you always buy a ticket to see their show?
Oh, shit. Oasis.

The Silverstein tour is going to be filled with nostalgia, are you looking forward to warming up the stage for them?
Yeah it’ll be cool! We’ve known those guys for a long time, and we’re used to playing some hardcore shows because the last time we were in Australia was with Rotting Out. So it’ll be cool to play in Australia for different people, and hopefully the hardcore kids still come out.

That tour is coming up in May, what do you have planned later this year?
We’re doing the Australian tour, and then we’re heading straight over to the UK to play Slam Dunk Festival. Then we do some festivals in Canada, the States and then we’re doing a whole European festival circuit in the summer. Everytime we put out a record it’s just four or so years where we get to travel around and if I can see friends in South East Asia, or friends in Australia every couple of years, it’s great!

Monday 14 May – PERTH, Amplifier Bar 18+

Tuesday 15 May – ADELAIDE, Fowlers Live 18+

Wednesday 16 May – MELBOURNE, 170 Russell 18+

Friday 18 May – SYDNEY, Manning Bar 18+

Saturday 19 May – NEWCASTLE, Cambridge Hotel 18+

Sunday 20 May – BRISBANE, The Triffid 18+

Tuesday 22 May – AUCKLAND, Whammy 18+

Wednesday 23 May – WELLINGTON, Valhalla 18+


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