Exploding onto the southern California punk scene, Strung Out was one of the first bands signed to Fat Mike’s Fat Wreck Chords, issuing the band’s debut album in 1994. It was the band’s sophomore effort however that truly proved Mike’s faith in the band was so very well placed. Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues was 13 chucks of socially aware punk-speed-pop-metal riffage that guaranteed carnage every time the play button was hit on the dash. Hearing these songs played live is a veritable maelstrom of shout-a-long moshing craziness, and now, after 22 years, Strung Out will be playing Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues in its entirely. From the biting ‘Firecracker’ and siren call of ‘Somnombulance’ to ‘Bring Out Your Dead,’ ‘Solitaire’ and ‘Wrong Side Of The Tracks,’ these are songs that that will suck you in and leave you joyously wasted. But, it wouldn’t be a Strung Out show without shotgun blasts such as ‘Analog,’ ‘Calling,’ ‘Blueprint Of The Fall,’ ‘Ashes’ and ‘Matchbox,’ which is exactly what you’re gonna get.

Machine-gun drums, scorching guitars, hard-hitting basslines, and an in-your-face singer with more melodies than Top 40 radio—Strung Out is a band that’s in a league of its own, and Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues is one of the defining albums of the Californian punk scene. Australia welcomes Strung Out with open (probably tattooed) arms!

Thursday 21 June – MAROOCHYDORE, Sol Bar

Friday 22 June – BRISBANE, Brightside

Saturday 23 June – GOLD COAST, Miami Tavern

Sunday 24 June – BYRON BAY, Byron Bay Brewery

Tuesday 26 June – NEWCASTLE, Small Ballroom

Wednesday 27 June – BATEAU BAY, Long Jetty Hotel

Thursday 28 June – SYDNEY, Factory Theatre

Friday 29 June – NARRABEEN, Narrabeen RSL

Saturday 30 June – MELBOURNE, Croxton Hotel

Sunday 1 July – MELBOURNE, Frankston Pelly Bar

Wednesday 4 July – ADELAIDE, Fowlers

Thursday 5 July – BUNBURY, Prince of Wales

Friday 6 July – HILARYS, Northside Tavern

Saturday 7 July – PERTH, Hell Hole

Wednesday 28th March from 10.00am-11.59pm (local time)
General sale
Thursday 29th March from 10.00am (local time)
Available here.

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