Palace Of The King is a Melbourne four-piece rock ‘n’ roll band. Their new album, Get Right With Your Maker, is a pure genius slab of old school rock, soul, rhythm and blues. This is their third full-length player, which will be released shortly before an impending European tour.

A little dash of Led Zeppelin, a pinch of Blackfoot, a drop of ’70s Aerosmith and whole lotta modern Australian attitude is what makes up this band. With lead by Tim Henwood, former member of The Superjesus and Rogue Traders, Get Right With Your Maker is a foot tapping, head shaking blast of fun. Backed by an excellent guitarist Sean Johnston, drummer Travis Dragani and bassist Anthony Licciardi, this is a band that is primed to take the next step musically.

Opening track ‘I Am The Storm’ is a gentle bluesy soul number that eases the listener in. With vocals reminiscent of a young Axl Rose backed with a Black Crowes groove, its keyboard breakdown takes the listener on a journey into another time—where bar-room riffs and drum fills await you.

Tracks like ‘It’s Been A Long Time Comin’ and ‘Sold Me Down The River’ are crowd pleasing anthems already. The sing-a-long choruses are sure to have the listener humming the tunes for days. Think Aerosmith’s ‘Last Child’ being fuel injected and you’re halfway to where this band drives you to boogie.

It’s evident this is a band that enjoys jamming and creating new riffs to build songs around. Songs such as ‘Said The Spider To The Bird’ and ‘Horizon’ are songs that you can dance to, sing to, rock to, and even strip to in that classic rock ‘n’ roll way. While ‘Move Through The Fire’ is a delicious piece of soulful rock that burns so much you’d think smoke was coming out of the speakers.

By the time the final track ‘Back On My Feet Again’ ends—with its catchy chorus, dynamics and epic guitar solo—the listener is guaranteed to have a sore neck from head banging, and sore feet from foot tapping.

This album is one of the best releases of soul fulfilling, classic rock, rhythm and blues music this year. The fact it’s an Australian band, makes this all the sweeter. The music is timeless, the production on point and the groove hits you right between the eyes. Australian rock has got it good right now and Palace Of The King are the eye of that storm, so get right with your maker and hold on tight.

Rating: 10/10

Get Right With Your Maker is due for release on Friday, 23rd March on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and all your other faithful digital outlets. You can pre-order the album here.

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