As we age, we become more robotic and our subconscious slowly grows in influence like an invasive weed. By 35, only a slither of conscious awareness remains; making us vulnerable to deception. Magicians Jden Redden and Andrew Lymn-Penning prey upon the people’s habitual misconceptions in their new mind-reading and hypnosis show Subconscious.

Since the arrival of Cirque De Soleil, it’s rare to see a circus show that does not contain a narrative thread. Andrew and Jden want to introduce this storytelling into the world of magic. Each illusion is accompanied by an anecdote that is relevant to the subconscious mind, and in doing so, they heighten the emotional response to the tricks. Most notably, Andrew’s section on high school bullying brings a raw sincerity not usually associated with a magic show. The script does lack cohesiveness and a clear linear progression though, and the finale arrives rather abruptly.

The magical duo, as performers, are confident and adept at spontaneous banter with on-stage participants. Avoiding the front row will not spare you from taking part in the action but getting involved simply heightens the enjoyment. My scepticism vanished when a thought of mine was plucked from the head of another.

Both magicians are still honing their craft, so do not expect to see Houdini or Copperfield level theatrics, but Jden did win the Bank SA Weekly Best Magic Fringe Award for his solo show, The Expert at the Card Table: How to Cheat at Cards. Subconscious is an innovative concept that, although still in the early stages of development, hints at something more beneath the surface.

Tickets to the last few Subconscious shows are available here and you can click here if you’re interested in checking out Expert at the Card Table: How to Cheat at Cards.

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